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Hey guys. 

So as I mentioned in my project outline I am thinking about writing a novel. 

You already know about that if you read that blog post; which I recommend you do go read if you haven’t already!

I guess this blog is really short because I am asking you all for novel ideas. 

If you are reading this please don’t leave without commenting some sort of plot idea. 

Note:- I do moderate comments. If you choose to comment an inappropriate or offensive plot idea it will not be published in the comments! It will be instantly ignored and then deleted. 

I hope to hear from you all within the night that I am asleep. 

Well, g’night world!



Lack Of Ideas

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Topics
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Although being aware that my blog is for anything i enjoy or want to blog about it I still feel inclined to help and inspire. 

Lately I’ve had some trouble coming up with ideas however I do have a few I was thinking of giving my view on:

  • Ghosts
  • Technology Advancements
  • Daily Journal
  • School
  • Gaming
  • Reviews

Please have your say and help me bring tons more inspiring blogs to the table!




So we’re back, only this time with something different.

I am giving you guys the choice of topic!

You see, I have made a promise to myself and quite a few of you guys out there, that I would do numerous, or to the minimum of one blog per day.

This is becoming incredibly difficult considering I have only been a blogger here for two days, give or take.

So, in order to bring you guys the most exciting (if you consider them, I mean these exciting) I am calling out for some help to pick some topics to write about in the present, future and yeah. Was about to say past but that wouldn’t work, would it?
Not without travelling through time, becoming Harry Potter or becoming something or someone else out there with powers. I mean, cause they’re real and everything! đŸ™‚

So now it’s time I throw over to you guys, to hear your thoughts, pleads and cry’s for cool topics for blogs!

You may choose these, under no restriction, add your own and pick in the comments!

  • Game Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Song Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Your Opinion? (Pick a subject. E.G. Ghosts, Magic etc.)

That’s only five of many possibilities.

Tell me what topic you want a blog on!