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Here I am, laying in bed. Admiring the apps on my iPod, also writing and coming up with blog ideas. 

I pause for a moment. In the darkness of my room, listening. It’s roughly 10:35pm where I live and I listen to the beauty of a quiet house. 

Now what seems to be my own. It is now ridden from the noise of my sister. Running around, throwing things, yelling and plain annoying me.
Another long and tiring day has come to pass, rid from the arguments with my mum from just hours before. 

Writing this, I pause again. To the crash and bang of stuff outside. The wind roaring, louder then a full thunder storm. 
Knocking stuff over, pushing through everything in its path, shaking my window, rattling my house and the leaves outside my room.

In the fear of the wind knocking me and everything in its way down, and the scary cries from a Facebook video my mother is watching before bed, I close my eyes and begin to dream, becoming the innocent little boy from 15 years ago once more. 

I won’t let this get the better of me!