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Welcome back everyone!
We are here in this blog to myth bust whether or not the family milo drink that we all know and love is true chocolate and or if it’s healthy or not!
A lot of you know the milo product. Comes in various sizes tins fit for all family members of any age, (obviously excluding toddlers and or younger)

MILO does not contain any chocolate but does contain cocoa – it is the fourth ingredient on the list. As this is part of our special formulation, we are unable to release the quantities of ingredients used.

You can find many more facts on what the content of Milo really is. Well. Most of it. They haven’t disclosed their secret formula to the public.  
On a different note, but also to fact. It is recommended to have a glass of milo at least once a day! This may come as a surprise but Milo actually does benifet children; hinting at its expensive price range. 

CALCIUM & VITAMIN D among another 13 vitamins are found in milo. This helps nourish the growth of bones in children and assist in eyesight!

It has been seen that milo actually is healthy for your young kids and does not promote any sort of unwanted or fatty sugars!
So this concludes this blog!
The next time you stop at your aupermarket; grab a tin and enjoy it with every cup of milk!
Your kids will love you!
Post your thoughts below!