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Hello guys!

Today I have spent five hours setting up my own little online business, this will be to help everyone out there, with their work and projects!

If you are in need of an editor, proofreader or resume writer then please come over to 

Register and request my services using the forms provided!

You also have access to some other cool things, such as a really cool forums and help resources.

I may also hold the occasional contest!

Come on down and I hope to see you soon!

– Jason


Tonight I have been listening to music. Off Youtube of course.

Have I been listening to the actual artists songs or covers?

Unfortunetly I have to say that i’ve been listening to covers. But I have good reason!

My mate was inspired and told me he had a celebrity crush on Lauren Juaregui from Fifth Harmony.I listened to their covers and found hers, and the other singers voices very good. It was until I came across Boyce Avenues covers that it truly hit me.

Music is great to anyone and everyone. No matter what age, gender, sexuality or sexual preference. Music can be everyone’s inspiration.

You may be troubled. You may have a bad relationship with your friends and or family and you might not have a way out.

Unfortunately my mates mate took his own life because of the hated that built up. From his parents mostly. Friends even. He was around 17 – 18 years old. I didn’t personally know him.

I guess it is mostly sad because more and more people are resorting to hurting themselves because they have no escape. The emotional trauma from deaths in the family, violence at home and school. The work place even and all the rest of it that life brings us just gets overwelming.

Music can be inspiring to everyone!

The way the composers word their feelings into songs and create brilliant sound for it is just amazing.

I think music is getting more and more commonly recognised as an escape for many people.

I know that when I get angry at friends and or family that I chuck some headphones in, blare my music and burrow my face in my pillow.

That or I have found myself recently, doing the same but instead chucking some decent jeans and a top on and going for a walk around the block to clear my head.

I think music is brilliant.

The sounds and words just make me want to get up and do something constructive. Help someone.

It also boosts my imagination and gives me inspiration and ideas for the future.

I currently have an idea that I don’t want to disclose until december, when I save a bit of money and finish my novel.

I hope you guys can find an escape. Whether that be music or even going for a walk. Find one!

Everyone is different and there are ways for everyone. It’s just a matter of having the strength to find one for yourself!

– JasonMBlogs


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Recently I’ve been writing my novel and you all, already know this. 

Unfortunately because of this I haven’t been able to blog as much as I have in the past however I still read and enjoy all your blogs. 

Reading them is inspiring. 

The way you guys handle certain situations or events is amazing. 

The way you all follow your dreams and try and make the most out of them just like I am with my novel is what truly inspires me. 

I hope to continue to see such great things from you all in the future and hope you can excuse my lack of blog posts. 

I promise my novel will be well worth it. 


Pure Hatred

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My hatred for my mother is real. 
If I could turn back the pages and make it so I didn’t come to be because of her I would. 

The way she looks at me. The way she makes up lies for family and the authorities is beyond me. 

If I could leave, run away even, without being scared and logical about survival I would. 

The darkness scares me, well what’s in it at the very least.

 Every shake, vibration, every image of abuse from movies and the news really scares me. 

I have the choice to leave and live with a grandmother that cares for and respects me but I’m too scared of the consequences of leaving. 

The fights between her and my mother that would spark again makes me question my being. 

The friends that continuously betray me. The issues I have and the low self esteem and confidence is beyond me. 

Scared to start at the new job I got because of my mum and her using my life as a novelty and reward for respect is getting more and more real. 

The threats to report her and leave her are becoming more and more common. 

I really do wish I had a different mother. Or preferably no one at all. 

Typing this I can’t stop, starting to tear up as the violent pictures begin to flood my mind once again. 

Scared to close my eyes and fall asleep, scared that I’ll be even more emotionally damaged. God forbid physically even. 

Running out of thoughts I slowly ease up to go get a cup of dairy milk before I try and rest before my 8am awakening. 

I wish this dream would end. 

– [The Hurting Side Of Life]

Hey guys,

So I’m currently starting to write my first novel draft and I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in becoming one of my select few, beta readers. 


  • You would be required to give me your harshest but constructive criticism to help me better my story. 
  • You would be required to submit back to me an electronic edited version of my novel, under agreement that you will not show or distribute it in any way. 
  • You would be required to offer your email address for communications. 
  • You would be required to follow my blog. 
  • You would be offered a chance to to purchase the final, completed copy. – You may be thinking, ‘but I’ll already have a copy of your novel’. The matter of fact is that there would be a group of you to help me, meaning that there would be significant updates made. 


  • The ability to earn an acknowledgment and thank you on my acknowledgement page at the start of my novel. 
  • The ability to purchase a discounted paperback copy when published or self published. 
  • The satisfaction of helping in a large, time consuming project. 
  • The bragging right to have been a part of the success to my novel should that day come. 
  • The ability to be able to contact me with any writing inquiries for inspiration. 
  • Encouragement to follow my blog posts and hopefully series of novels. 

I know all these points may seem early or arrogant, yet to the point, however I am interested to see how many of you guys would help me. 

If you are interested please email me at: in the following format.


Subject: [Your Name – Beta Reader Inquiry]


To _______________

I am ________________ and I am interested in assisting you as a beta reader for your upcoming novel project during the time frame of 26th June 2015 to the 26th September 2015. 

I wish to subscribe to any updates and or information you may be sharing in relation to your project and look forward to seeing them. 

I am located in [Country] [City] and I am available to be contacted between the hours of _________ to ___________ [Time-Zone]

Please consider allowing me in your project and I hope to hear from you soon. 



Hello guys,

Sorry I haven’t been writing out to you guys as often as what I had previously been doing. 

I have just been extremely busy. 

In terms of school I recently got an internal suspension for the swearing at the teacher incident I mentioned about it my school blog and have had a lot of really boring yet busy and tiring days at school. 

This has left me falling asleep all the time this week after school for hours. 

On a different note I have been applying around my area for part time work. 

A few weeks ago I had my very first life experience job interview and hopefully the last until I’m a full adult. 

I got offered a part time job at Mc Donald’s Australia and I accepted. 

Although being casual I am pretty sure I will have set hours. 

After my three months probation I was thinking of speaking to some of my managers about moving to a part time contract as I’m unsure if my casual employment type will give me set days and hours every week. 

In saying this I had my first ever in store orientation last night.

I had the joy of filling out tons of paperwork and got a brilliant tour of the restaurant. 

I am going to the bank to get my account sorted and going to get a few more minor details in preparation of my employment. 

I am currently waiting for my roster to update, telling me I have instore training. 

I could find out Wednesday next week at the latest however I do look forward to this. 

If you’d like I can go into more detail about my orientation, what to expect and what I did. 

I am also happy to blog about my first shift should it come relitavely soon, however I am nervous that my uniform will be too small. 



What I Look For In A Girl

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I guess you could say that the heading speaks for itself. 

These are my opinions and I hope none of you get offended. 

The following is what I look for in girls. 

  1. A girl that is beautiful, intelligent and great friend. 

Someone that isn’t always worried about what her friends think of her and is proud of the way they are. 

A girl that takes pride in the way she looks and acts. 

2. A girl that knows how to have fun without exaggeration. 

I am not referring to a certain pleasure. 

I am referring to everyday life. 

Dates, Movies, School, Sports etc. 

3. Appearance happy. 

A girl that isn’t going to plaster themselves in makeup everyday to impress me. 

A girl that admires her own appearance as much as I do. 

4. A girl that doesn’t cheat. 

A girl that knows what kinds of guys she is in to. 

Doesn’t explore opportunity and go from guy to guy or cheat on her boyfriend. 

Just as I wouldn’t do to her. 

5. Not the argumentative type. 

A girl that can have conversation without arguing the point and being bossy or know-it-all. 

Just like me towards her. 

Well these are my opinions. 

I hope I didn’t offend anyone. 

I am single at the moment. I am not currently interested with anyone at school. 

I am fifteen. I am a boy. I am interested in girls, games and TV. 

I am also military inspired ( Navy, Police)

And I live in Australia. 



This topic is extremely opinionated, so I guess when you think about it there really aren’t, or weren’t for that matter any right or wrong answers for war. 

Raging on from WW I and WW II we have slowly grown as a global society. Everyone from there own countries, nurturing their own religion and way of life.

Some of the main questions that come to mind when I think about this, is how they got there to begin with. 

Since the empire age there has always been crime. Murders, thievery, religion and civil law, slavery and labour finishing my very long list. I would put it here but I’m not sure it would fit. 

If these things didn’t occur to begin with we would have no reason to have created the word and the meaning behind the word. We would all be at peace with one another. 

The things that sparked WW I and WW II was mostly revolved around the leaders wanting more power and currency then anyone else. 

Countries began to form treaties that formed alliances. Treaties and alliances were broken and then changed sparking a war between these specific societies. This caused their alliances to back them up resulting in more countries becoming involved. 

I was preparing for bed (making it) for tonight until I heard a helicopter off in the distance. It sparked all my schooling memories and all the history I’ve learnt. 

All the horror movies that I was forced to watch growing up. 

It was until it got nearer and nearer that began to spark some of the most horrible thoughts. It was until my dog wagged her tail on her cage that I jumped out of my skin. 

I believe that fears started like this through movies and real life consequences has impacted many civilised families in becoming troubled. Both physically and mentally and I believe this is wrong. 

Come to think about it; with all this new technology that has started being developed that really makes me worry about what the world is becoming. 

Anything is possible and diguises are very real. 

Are our fears becoming realities?

Tell me your opinion,



The Urge To Help People

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So growing up I have had a fascination with helping people. 

I also had an obsession with making money, usually didn’t matter how much because of my young age but when I got money is was a treasure. A blessing. 

I was that blessed that when I had five cents it was five dollars. And when I had 20 cents I thought I actually had twenty dollars. Obviously no sense of value in the dollar here. 

I still remember the day at the supermarkets when I’d get a grocery basket absolutely filled with chocolate and lollies. 

By the time I got back to my mother shed asked me what I had done. Why I had pulled so much junk off the shelves. 

I offered to pay for it myself and handed her the twenty cents. She laughed and asked the casheer to get someone to put my basket away. 

I guess you can already imagine how I was feeling. 

Back on topic though I was always trying to help me neighbourhood. 

I remember when I was living with my father when I stayed at his mothers for a weekend. 

Even though my uncle and I were so young we thought it would be a great idea to make friendship bracelets and go door knocking with our little creations. 

We made twenty dollars!

I still love helping out in my school and at home for my family. 

Well. As soon as my mother gets over her compulsory cleaning thingy. 

I’ve even started an English tutor program. 

Considering I am only fifteen years of age I am honoured to have the privileged mind to want to achieve so high. 

Would you like to expand my services to online? 

Thanks for reading!



Trying To Start Over

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So this term in school I have had a pretty rocky relationship with my English teacher. 

We have a conflict of interest, if you can even call it that. 

Our class of twenty is a very chatty group. We, I mean they like to chat to their friends a lot. 

Term one was the difficult one. Getting to know the group and all the teachers. 

When the groups confidence arose during like the second week of term one, the groups behaviour for English steadily got worse. 

One of our first topics of the year was a text response ‘The Outsiders’. We were required to complete numerous tasks. These included a comprehension questions booklet of the novel, a quote task and an essay and much more. 

I guess you could bottom line the fact that I hadn’t done the essay. 

Until yesterday I didn’t plan on doing it either until my teacher told me I was at risk of failing. 

Last night I completed this essay. Being the reason for missing my daily blog. 

I was unsure what to write so I just wrote what came to mind from reading the comprehension questions. 

Today I handed it in and she marked it during silent reading. 

Although I got a pass I was surprised to see that I had only received 22% on my essay. Below a grade of E-

I am surprised yet happy that I am now passing year 9 for mid semester. 

Bring on year 10!