Easy Design Contest 

Posted: July 6, 2015 in Contests
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Are you a budding artist with a hidden talent? 

Got skills that you want displayed all over the world?

Enter my easy competition!

Create your own design of whatever you want – games, books, music 

And have the chance to have it published on the front of high quality t-shirts and sold in my startup business.

Jason Shirts & Merchandise is awaiting your design entries!

Email your designs to jasonmarchingo@outlook.com. 

Everyone is a winner! 

We will select all the best designs from hopefully a very long list and you will have the chance to be printed on a shirt of your choice and then sold!

You even have the option to purchase your shirt with your design at $20 off our retail price!

You do the math! 

$26 – $20? Pay $6 for your shirt plus postage. 

Disclaimer: Postage cost varies. We will give you all this information in a reply email if we like your art!

Note: Any explicit designs will automatically be deleted and disqualified.  
Good luck everyone!

Let your creative mind run wild!

– Jason

Jason Shirts & Merchandise 


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