So, You Want To Choose The Subject?

Posted: June 7, 2015 in Topics
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So we’re back, only this time with something different.

I am giving you guys the choice of topic!

You see, I have made a promise to myself and quite a few of you guys out there, that I would do numerous, or to the minimum of one blog per day.

This is becoming incredibly difficult considering I have only been a blogger here for two days, give or take.

So, in order to bring you guys the most exciting (if you consider them, I mean these exciting) I am calling out for some help to pick some topics to write about in the present, future and yeah. Was about to say past but that wouldn’t work, would it?
Not without travelling through time, becoming Harry Potter or becoming something or someone else out there with powers. I mean, cause they’re real and everything! 🙂

So now it’s time I throw over to you guys, to hear your thoughts, pleads and cry’s for cool topics for blogs!

You may choose these, under no restriction, add your own and pick in the comments!

  • Game Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Song Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Your Opinion? (Pick a subject. E.G. Ghosts, Magic etc.)

That’s only five of many possibilities.

Tell me what topic you want a blog on!



  1. Luna says:

    Book reviews xD. Im always looking for some good recomendations and opinions on which books to read.


    • Hello @Luna. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a public library or my own hard copy book stand(s).

      However I can spend the time to find some awesome books from and make a blog post of my recommendations and reviews for them if you like?

      Also thanks for your comment!


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