Music – Inspiration

Posted: June 30, 2015 in Life
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Tonight I have been listening to music. Off Youtube of course.

Have I been listening to the actual artists songs or covers?

Unfortunetly I have to say that i’ve been listening to covers. But I have good reason!

My mate was inspired and told me he had a celebrity crush on Lauren Juaregui from Fifth Harmony.I listened to their covers and found hers, and the other singers voices very good. It was until I came across Boyce Avenues covers that it truly hit me.

Music is great to anyone and everyone. No matter what age, gender, sexuality or sexual preference. Music can be everyone’s inspiration.

You may be troubled. You may have a bad relationship with your friends and or family and you might not have a way out.

Unfortunately my mates mate took his own life because of the hated that built up. From his parents mostly. Friends even. He was around 17 – 18 years old. I didn’t personally know him.

I guess it is mostly sad because more and more people are resorting to hurting themselves because they have no escape. The emotional trauma from deaths in the family, violence at home and school. The work place even and all the rest of it that life brings us just gets overwelming.

Music can be inspiring to everyone!

The way the composers word their feelings into songs and create brilliant sound for it is just amazing.

I think music is getting more and more commonly recognised as an escape for many people.

I know that when I get angry at friends and or family that I chuck some headphones in, blare my music and burrow my face in my pillow.

That or I have found myself recently, doing the same but instead chucking some decent jeans and a top on and going for a walk around the block to clear my head.

I think music is brilliant.

The sounds and words just make me want to get up and do something constructive. Help someone.

It also boosts my imagination and gives me inspiration and ideas for the future.

I currently have an idea that I don’t want to disclose until december, when I save a bit of money and finish my novel.

I hope you guys can find an escape. Whether that be music or even going for a walk. Find one!

Everyone is different and there are ways for everyone. It’s just a matter of having the strength to find one for yourself!

– JasonMBlogs


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