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So we all know I have to attend school like every other fifteen year old. 

Last year I got in a heap of trouble. Every week I was getting externally suspended from school for misbehaving and verbally abusing teachers.
Don’t lose hope in me! 

This year I made a massive turn around. 

I complete my work, don’t verbally abuse teachers, get good marks on my tests and get along with 99% of my friends and teachers. 

I guess, according to the title, you could say that I’ve been having my share of downs again lately. 

You see. There is this one teacher that has really personally been nasty to me. 

Yesterday I was chatting in class with a group of like four or five. 

It got to the point where the teacher didn’t even try to stop the class from talking and literally picked up her chair and sat in the middle of the class to teach one side of the room. 

There was probably 7-8 people out of 20-21 that she went to. 

Today in class I tried to make a turn back to the behaviour I had displayed the day before.

 Turns out I wasted my time. 

We were working on poem comprehension and understanding. We were required to link words from the poem to their correct meaning in a task relevant to the poem. 

I asked the teacher for assistance and was yelled at for not listening in class and that she wouldn’t help me because of this. 

Obviously offended I swore at her in retaliation. 

I called her an f’ing b’ch. 

In my defence I only went to these extremes due to our bad relationship building up. 

A few weeks ago when I had her and she got mad at a student and started emailing a parent in the middle of class I confronted her with a question. 

Although being the wrong time she was very rude and said how annoying I can be etc. in front of the entire class. Pretty loud as well. 

I am on the verge of being externally suspended for swearing at her and it is hurting me really bad. 

The work is usually easy for me to understand when I’ve had the right help from my teachers. 

I hope this is resolved soon hopefully without such a major punishment. 

Hope I helped share an experience that you may be struggling through. 

Try not to let it beat you down as emotionally as I let it beat me.