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Growing up I have been victim to many stereotypical and slanderous comments through school. 

If it’s not my freckles then it’s my height or size or not being a developing boy because of the pitch in my voice. 

I guess you could say that this was greatly offensive. 

Looking back to the history I studied in year 8 at school 2014; I believe many indigenous Australians and migrants faced many more stereotypical and offensive or slanderous comments as well. 

If not for their colour, money or whatever other stereotypical comments that the youth have created we wouldn’t be the society we are today. Some being bad changes. 

I do believe that the migrants have also shared their fair share. 

This I have personally witnessed or been a part of this year (2015). 

I believe that colour doesn’t define who you are. 

Just because you may be ‘black’ doesn’t give you the right to pick fights or think you’re any better then anyone else. 

As I commented on someone else’s blog post this afternoon I do believe in equality. 

I don’t believe build, height or even the pitch in your voice should even be spoken about. 

Everyone is their own person and is subject to their own privacy and I don’t think this should be breached. 

Stereotyping is wrong and shouldn’t happen. 

Although it does and there’s not much we can do to stop the cruel and inappropriate people in our society we can still help each other get through these tough times!

Be your own person and don’t let anyone bring you down. 

For fifteen I can still speak from experience here and believe that you should completely believe in yourself. 

Be your own person!