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Ever been a fan of dinosaurs or the prehistoric word?

Seen all the Jurassic World movies from the past and are anxious to see a very new premier?

Released on the eleventh of June 2015 Jurassic World hit the cinemas all around the world. 

Fortunately it is my sisters birthday and my mother is taking us on Sunday AEST time to see it. 

I am extremely excited to see this movie. 

My Aunty just recently bought be the game that I recently blogged on called ARK: Survival Evolved. 

Fortunately for me and the other thousands of players of this game there is a Mega update coming out today or tomorrow. 

This update consists of the many of dinosaurs found in the film Jurassic World. This I am excited a lot for. 

Well. Like the game I have seen or played either Jurassic World or ARK: Survival Evolved to know enough to really continue this blog about them both however I will make an update Sunday when I get home from seeing it. 
Thanks for reading!