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Officially released on the 18th of November the sandbox game we all know and love Minecraft was officially available for purchase and play. 

I understand that this game has tens of thousands of reviews and gameplay a bit I thought I’d offer my opinions. 


Okay so the amount of times I have died in Minecraft alone is beyond rediculous. 

Apparently I’m not a survivor. 

I believe that Minecraft did tire out for me due to the fact that it’s the same thing when you play every time. 

Without installing mods I don’t see any new ores, mobs, tools and weapons. 

Yes there are heaps of variety but how about adding more to the survival aspect?

Giving it more variety in terms of what you can do is what would give this game 5/5 for me. 

Story lines, new mobs, better and bigger items such as tools and weapons, more village and automation mechanics. 

There is so much to this game that was great for me. 

The pixel building and the ability to play with friends online is great. 

Although on a completely different line; cross-platform server availability and server creation availability would be amazing. 

I was kinda disappointed when Microsoft bought Mojang for $2.5 billion. 

Although I guess you move on in the game industries.  

Altogether this game has tired out for me. 

Merely because it’s lost it’s feel of variety and survival aspects. 

I rate this game 3.5 / 5




Brought to you and inspired by the new release film Jurassic World; Jurassic World has now become a game. 

Although being a new game I have read some pretty negative comments and blogs here on WordPress and would like to form my own opinion with supporting evidence, experience and I will even try to upload some pictures of the game. 

Stay tuned for Jurassic World: The Game (2) with my review and thoughts!


EDIT: I fear that some of this negativity is becoming more realist. 

For such a large download I wasted my time. 

My iPod 5 isn’t compatible. 

I think in my honest opinion that this is rediculous considering it is one of the newer devices with only the iPhone / iPod 6 ahead of me. 

I made a review / rating on the App Store but may have to make a formal complaint about getting this fixed in the future. 


Fair to say that I cannot fairly make any accurate reviews or assumptions at this stage. 

Stay tuned. 


If you’ve been playing games since you were a kid or have been playing runescape back in the years between 2001 to today in 2015 you may be aware that it is slowly declining in its number of players. 

Runescape is a mythology based game; from dragons to goblins to even becoming a knight of Gielinor, the possibilities are endless.

Growing problems are starting to arise for Jagex. 

I am a very experienced player when it comes to runescape. I am fifteen and have actually been playing since I was 7 or 8. 

Runescape offers a gamer the experience to adventure through a world full of original skills and quests to develop their own character in a world full of what once was filled with hundreds of thousands of players. 

Unfortunately due to old school Runescape becoming a feature and a lot of the game becoming members only content has impacted the game and it’s players heaps. 

Ranging from wood cutting to farming to even combat levelling this game offers a lot of variety to your average MMORPG game. 

Although the graphics and player control availability could be a lot better I still find this game very enjoyable to play when I have nothing else better to do. 

On the actual topic this blog, this game’s players are on the steady down fall. 

From what was once over two thousand people on each server it now barely gets a hundred per server. 

I have seen some servers with just thirty players!

I actually don’t know why this is or how this has come about so quickly but I do have some theories. 

  1. Members content has annoyed players and players are finding the content and what it’s actually worth their money. 
  2. Moving a lot of the free to play content to members only. 
  3. No real updates in content. Including quests and world.
  4. No real character availabilities or customisation. 
  5. Hackers, bots and scammers becoming more and more common. 
  6. Competition with other huge MMO’S such as World of Warcraft and ARK: Survival Evolved. 

This is my opinion. 

I hope Jagex go to extreme measures to bring some great content to the table to stand up to some of these other huge games. 

Thanks for reading,



So I started playing this game on the 6th June, 2015. Was a birthday present from my Aunty from the 3rd June, 2015. 

This game so far has been very exciting to play however there are many bugs that I think should be fixed. 

The graphics are awesome on computers will extremely powerful graphic cards however not everyone; including but not limited to me; have access to these. 

For an early access game; alpha; I am not one to judge and I am exciting to have the privilege to play this game and get all its updates free of charge. 

However in saying all of this I think the developers should keep working on making the game more accessible to players with less powerful platforms. 

So far I am satisfied with the amount of content I am getting out of this game even on its lowest graphic setting. 

Anyway enough winging. Here is the plot of the game:

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing & starving on a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest, craft items, grow crops, & build shelters to survive.
-Extract & Sourced:

As the extract says; you are stranded as a male or female, with one goal. Survive. 

Based in the dinosaur age you are to gather resources, farm, take dinosaurs and build the best fortress of your server. 
Can you create or join a tribe and get a pack of T-Rexs?

So far I have only played around with this game. 

Being me I think I’ve already had 10 deaths, give or take and made several different characters. 

I once joined a tribe and had many resources available to me.

This was all until I left, set out on my own and died. 

I lost everything. 

I have never tamed a dinosaur yet as I am no where near the right level. 

This game is difficult. 

If you are new to the gaming scene. Try minecraft! Haha. We all have to start somewhere right?

Well. This concludes my ARK blog. 
Will post another ARK specific blog next week. Along with a mini guide on how to install it. 

Thanks for reading!

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