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Ever been inspired to want to take part in something from a movies assistance?

Just recently I have been watching One Tree Hill and it has inspired me to want to take part in basketball once more. 

I am an ex basketball player. Nothing in the junior leagues or anything. Just went to training once a week. 

I was offered a position in junior leagues until I was forced to stop training because of financial difficulty. 

My confidence, I will admit, is extremely low. 

For a guy I feel self conscious about my appearance. With freckles, short and I guess slightly stubby. Well not really the stubby part. I find it difficult to fit in. 

I’m inspired to give myself a real kick up the rear end and try and follow a sport that I used to and still do love. 

Basketball is a sport that I can get myself into kinda free of charge and I have a few ways on how. 

I don’t mean by breaking the law or bending the rules. I mean legitimately. 

I have $70 in my wallet and would love to get a basketball. 

There are rings at school that I can use every recess on weekdays and a local council that I can speak to about opening a new park. 

Well. I may have an update in a few days when I find out more about if I can part-take or not.