Long – Busy Life

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Life
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Hello guys,

Sorry I haven’t been writing out to you guys as often as what I had previously been doing. 

I have just been extremely busy. 

In terms of school I recently got an internal suspension for the swearing at the teacher incident I mentioned about it my school blog and have had a lot of really boring yet busy and tiring days at school. 

This has left me falling asleep all the time this week after school for hours. 

On a different note I have been applying around my area for part time work. 

A few weeks ago I had my very first life experience job interview and hopefully the last until I’m a full adult. 

I got offered a part time job at Mc Donald’s Australia and I accepted. 

Although being casual I am pretty sure I will have set hours. 

After my three months probation I was thinking of speaking to some of my managers about moving to a part time contract as I’m unsure if my casual employment type will give me set days and hours every week. 

In saying this I had my first ever in store orientation last night.

I had the joy of filling out tons of paperwork and got a brilliant tour of the restaurant. 

I am going to the bank to get my account sorted and going to get a few more minor details in preparation of my employment. 

I am currently waiting for my roster to update, telling me I have instore training. 

I could find out Wednesday next week at the latest however I do look forward to this. 

If you’d like I can go into more detail about my orientation, what to expect and what I did. 

I am also happy to blog about my first shift should it come relitavely soon, however I am nervous that my uniform will be too small. 




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