What I Look For In A Girl

Posted: June 19, 2015 in Life
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I guess you could say that the heading speaks for itself. 

These are my opinions and I hope none of you get offended. 

The following is what I look for in girls. 

  1. A girl that is beautiful, intelligent and great friend. 

Someone that isn’t always worried about what her friends think of her and is proud of the way they are. 

A girl that takes pride in the way she looks and acts. 

2. A girl that knows how to have fun without exaggeration. 

I am not referring to a certain pleasure. 

I am referring to everyday life. 

Dates, Movies, School, Sports etc. 

3. Appearance happy. 

A girl that isn’t going to plaster themselves in makeup everyday to impress me. 

A girl that admires her own appearance as much as I do. 

4. A girl that doesn’t cheat. 

A girl that knows what kinds of guys she is in to. 

Doesn’t explore opportunity and go from guy to guy or cheat on her boyfriend. 

Just as I wouldn’t do to her. 

5. Not the argumentative type. 

A girl that can have conversation without arguing the point and being bossy or know-it-all. 

Just like me towards her. 

Well these are my opinions. 

I hope I didn’t offend anyone. 

I am single at the moment. I am not currently interested with anyone at school. 

I am fifteen. I am a boy. I am interested in girls, games and TV. 

I am also military inspired ( Navy, Police)

And I live in Australia. 




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