Project 1 – Novel – Plan (1)

Posted: June 18, 2015 in Novel Progress
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Plot Outline/Blurb – Basic:-

Bailey is simply a fifteen year old boy. No other real way to put it really. He has trouble fitting in among his school friends and colleagues however when he finally gets a part-time job he is offered a contract in the military in response to his application from several years ago. 

Leaving his troubled girlfriend and his family will be very challenging. 

Will he leave?

What demands do the military ask of him?

School committments?



  • Persist and Publish
  • Resist Distraction and Procrastination
  • Involve the Community and Explore Opportunity
  • Dig Deep and Think Outside the Square
  • Evolve and Adapt to the Surroundings



I want to successfully achieve all of the below in my novel. 

I have generalised into categories but I want to display and achieve all of the following. 

  1. Publish
  2. Revise
  3. Entertain
  4. Create Length and Excitement Throughout
  5. Influence
  6. Sell
  7. Edit and Understand


Chapter Plan:-

Chapter 1:-

  • Pilot / Personal Introduction

– Who is Bailey?

– Friends?

– Family?

– School?

– Occupation?

– Date Of Birth?

  • Scene / Location 

– What does his home look like?

– What does his school / work place look like?

– Town description.

  • Time

– Year

– Date

– Time

  • Semi Climax

– Application Sent

– Relationship Status

– School Behavioural Issues. 



So guys, I completed quite a large proportion of my plan already!

Basically I wanted to blog my plan to see the level of interest associated with my very first ever novel project. 

This blog I have been able to cover and complete my blurb/plot idea. This was very basic and as I move through the different stages I will change this level to intermediate and then advanced to signify my location, for lack of better words, in the process. 

I guess I will be able to give more detail in Project 1 – Novel – Plan (2) under th novel category located at 

Thanks for reading. 

I am going to go to bed no and will create part 2 and hopefully further in the process after school. 

Please drop a comment before you go letting me know what you think about this plan and your level of interest for my plot. 

I also forgot to mention that I will complete my plan in actual detail in part two or three to this plan. 

Thanks again,



  1. Mystique says:

    Good luck! I like the acronyms- PRECISE and PRIDE

    Liked by 1 person

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