Project 1 – Outline – June 2015

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Projects
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Hello guys!

So lately I think it’s been around two or three other people’s blog posts actually, I have displayed an interest to write and publish my own first novel. (book)

I have created a category called Projects. 

Here you will find the outline of all my projects as well as their drafts and if I do publish. 

You see. Being fifteen I don’t have access to heaps of money to publish with major companies and to get my novel(s) (if any) properly published. 

In saying this I will either self publish and ask small book stores to store and sell my books or attempt to get a contract with someone. 

At the moment I am looking at getting some plot idea and editors help. 

As I mentioned this is my first project idea and I am looking at really making a go of this. 

Please comment your ideas!

  • Plot idea(s). 
  • Volunteering your help. 
  • Publishing idea(s).



  1. annonymous18 says:

    I think this amazing. The fact that you are just 15 and have been inspired to write a novel is fantastic and it’s never too early to start writing. I’ve never written a novel or anything of length other than an essay in school or something :L I think you should pick a plot idea that really excites you and makes you want to write. You should enjoy writing your novel as much as people should enjoy reading it.

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    • Thanks for your comment!

      I had a few ideas for novel plots; it’s just a matter now of which one to pick.

      I was also starting to look at the publishing side of things to see what is best suited.

      As I said in the blog posts; seeing as I would be financially troubled to publish I was looking at either a self publishing branch of getting a contract.

      Before I actually can start asking around I need a draft. 😉

      Thanks for your comment; I really do appreciate it.

      I will keep you updated on my projects progress in future blogs!

      – Jason

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