Jurassic World: The Game (1)

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Games
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Brought to you and inspired by the new release film Jurassic World; Jurassic World has now become a game. 

Although being a new game I have read some pretty negative comments and blogs here on WordPress and would like to form my own opinion with supporting evidence, experience and I will even try to upload some pictures of the game. 

Stay tuned for Jurassic World: The Game (2) with my review and thoughts!


EDIT: I fear that some of this negativity is becoming more realist. 

For such a large download I wasted my time. 

My iPod 5 isn’t compatible. 

I think in my honest opinion that this is rediculous considering it is one of the newer devices with only the iPhone / iPod 6 ahead of me. 

I made a review / rating on the App Store but may have to make a formal complaint about getting this fixed in the future. 


Fair to say that I cannot fairly make any accurate reviews or assumptions at this stage. 

Stay tuned. 



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