Fears – Becoming Realities?

Posted: June 11, 2015 in Life
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This topic is extremely opinionated, so I guess when you think about it there really aren’t, or weren’t for that matter any right or wrong answers for war. 

Raging on from WW I and WW II we have slowly grown as a global society. Everyone from there own countries, nurturing their own religion and way of life.

Some of the main questions that come to mind when I think about this, is how they got there to begin with. 

Since the empire age there has always been crime. Murders, thievery, religion and civil law, slavery and labour finishing my very long list. I would put it here but I’m not sure it would fit. 

If these things didn’t occur to begin with we would have no reason to have created the word and the meaning behind the word. We would all be at peace with one another. 

The things that sparked WW I and WW II was mostly revolved around the leaders wanting more power and currency then anyone else. 

Countries began to form treaties that formed alliances. Treaties and alliances were broken and then changed sparking a war between these specific societies. This caused their alliances to back them up resulting in more countries becoming involved. 

I was preparing for bed (making it) for tonight until I heard a helicopter off in the distance. It sparked all my schooling memories and all the history I’ve learnt. 

All the horror movies that I was forced to watch growing up. 

It was until it got nearer and nearer that began to spark some of the most horrible thoughts. It was until my dog wagged her tail on her cage that I jumped out of my skin. 

I believe that fears started like this through movies and real life consequences has impacted many civilised families in becoming troubled. Both physically and mentally and I believe this is wrong. 

Come to think about it; with all this new technology that has started being developed that really makes me worry about what the world is becoming. 

Anything is possible and diguises are very real. 

Are our fears becoming realities?

Tell me your opinion,




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