The Urge To Help People

Posted: June 11, 2015 in Life
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So growing up I have had a fascination with helping people. 

I also had an obsession with making money, usually didn’t matter how much because of my young age but when I got money is was a treasure. A blessing. 

I was that blessed that when I had five cents it was five dollars. And when I had 20 cents I thought I actually had twenty dollars. Obviously no sense of value in the dollar here. 

I still remember the day at the supermarkets when I’d get a grocery basket absolutely filled with chocolate and lollies. 

By the time I got back to my mother shed asked me what I had done. Why I had pulled so much junk off the shelves. 

I offered to pay for it myself and handed her the twenty cents. She laughed and asked the casheer to get someone to put my basket away. 

I guess you can already imagine how I was feeling. 

Back on topic though I was always trying to help me neighbourhood. 

I remember when I was living with my father when I stayed at his mothers for a weekend. 

Even though my uncle and I were so young we thought it would be a great idea to make friendship bracelets and go door knocking with our little creations. 

We made twenty dollars!

I still love helping out in my school and at home for my family. 

Well. As soon as my mother gets over her compulsory cleaning thingy. 

I’ve even started an English tutor program. 

Considering I am only fifteen years of age I am honoured to have the privileged mind to want to achieve so high. 

Would you like to expand my services to online? 

Thanks for reading!




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