Trying To Start Over

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Life
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So this term in school I have had a pretty rocky relationship with my English teacher. 

We have a conflict of interest, if you can even call it that. 

Our class of twenty is a very chatty group. We, I mean they like to chat to their friends a lot. 

Term one was the difficult one. Getting to know the group and all the teachers. 

When the groups confidence arose during like the second week of term one, the groups behaviour for English steadily got worse. 

One of our first topics of the year was a text response ‘The Outsiders’. We were required to complete numerous tasks. These included a comprehension questions booklet of the novel, a quote task and an essay and much more. 

I guess you could bottom line the fact that I hadn’t done the essay. 

Until yesterday I didn’t plan on doing it either until my teacher told me I was at risk of failing. 

Last night I completed this essay. Being the reason for missing my daily blog. 

I was unsure what to write so I just wrote what came to mind from reading the comprehension questions. 

Today I handed it in and she marked it during silent reading. 

Although I got a pass I was surprised to see that I had only received 22% on my essay. Below a grade of E-

I am surprised yet happy that I am now passing year 9 for mid semester. 

Bring on year 10!




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