Plagiarism Awareness – Lets Make A Stand

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Life
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Hello how’s it going?

My second daily blog for today is to state an obvious but fast growing issue that is becoming more and more common among us as a large community of writers!

I believe that we should make a stand and stop the people that are destroying our passion to write! 

This is not limited or restricted to WordPress. This also includes taking people’s personal work and images on social media  sites and claiming them as your own for personal or business reasons. 
Some sites may include, but not limit to:


What we write or share should be considered our own creation (If your is your own!). 

It is what keeps us together as a society and maintains the imagination of our youth. 

Can you image how boring and limited life would be if we could not express our thoughts and ideas, pick up a book or read and share content online?

The world would simply be limited and plain boring!


I believe that sharing creators work to promote and show people their talent and passion is fine! I have nothing against this!

It is when people abuse this privilege that gets me down. 

There is a difference between sharing someone’s work to give them credit for it; and or sharing it to promote yourself!

If you want work to promote yourself how about hiring a freelance writer or simply create your own ideas. 

There is nothing short of help!

Ask for it!


Plagiarism is wrong. So is copyright!

You are not allowed to break these regulations both in hard copy or on the internet!


If you know or have seen someone break these regulations please help us make a stand and set a message that we will not tolerate this sort of behaviour by reporting them!


If you are an author and have had this happen to you or want to avoid this at all costs simply make it clear in all of your work that you will not stand to be stolen from!

Report any offenders immediately and get them prosecuted!


Please get this trending across the globe and put a clear message across that us as writers will not accept or stand for our work being solen!

Doesn’t matter where you’re from. What age you are. What colour or size you are. Stand up for yourself and don’t allow me to steal your work!


I am sorry if I was blunt, cocky or arrogant but I do feel strongly about this!

Let us make a stand!




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