Friends As We Know Them

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Life

Well, already here for my third blog and it feels like I have accomplished a missions.

Today I have had a really amazing day, friendship wise I mean. And just in general I guess. Mum and I have argued already at least three times, which doesn’t surprise me yet I have accomplished what seems to be an exciting blog and website in itself.

On a different note though friends are awesome; in good times and in bad. I honestly think that even myself, take these friendships for granted, until it’s too late.

We fight both over good and bad, we make irrelevant points, take other peoples friends and relationships, twist facts and make life very miserable.

We don’t realise we do this until it’s too late.

In saying this we also all share good moments as well!

We celebrate birthdays, exchange gifts, stuff around in class, make each other laugh and the list continues!

Today I had the honour of bringing two very close friends of mine together after an unfortunate break up. I probably shouldn’t make my own blog on my friends mistakes and what not but I feel that an example should be made; considering I had a lot to do with it.

About three months ago, give or take, probably a lot longer, cause I wasn’t counting. Two of my close friends were going out, you know, the whole dating scene.

I met his girlfriend on his friends stream on twitch. A gamer of course; and we have been talking ever since. After a good week of knowing her my very close mate started talking to her, and within a week or so, give or take, they were already dating.

Surprised yet pissed me off I guess, Im not sure now, and wasn’t sure then. Still a puzzle to me. After a couple of months watching this streamer (Matt) I started fighting with my mate and his girlfriend, was jealous and annoyed.

This isn’t what you think though. At the time I felt like he was treating her terribly, internet girlfriend or not. Yes I said internet girlfriend.

Was a funny conversation on Matt’s stream when my mate said he’d rather pizza then talk to his girlfriend! This sparked an argument and the break up among other things between him and his girlfriend. When I look back on him it was hands down hilarious.

After much consideration, and having his girlfriend come to me for advice she broke up with him via SMS. Me and him argued for over a week but later started talking again when he realised that it wasn’t just my fault.

I guess my point is to treat your friends well. I mean, if you’re in the middle of your conversation you spark an argument, just think about what you’d say to your grandmother. If what you said to them wasn’t something you’d repeat then why bother saying it?

Also keep in mind that two wrongs don’t make a right. I bet you’ve all heard this saying a million times.

On my last yet most exaggerated point of this post is that I took for granted my friendship with who I thought was another extremely close mate.

We were stuffing around before class, period three on friday the 5th of June. He duct taped another friend (if I can still call him) that to a pole. When I tried to join in he said he wouldn’t have enough tape to cover us both. As a joke I threatened to cut the tape. He squeezed my wrist and kneed me like some sort of punching bag.

You see, this is what I mean by we take our friendships for granted.

It may be hard to apologise to someone, although it be the best thing to do. But why do that wrong to begin with?

It is still bruised, badly and I have not accepted his apology.

Just remember the next time you try to pick a fight with your mates, is it really worth it?

What are your opinions?

Comment below.



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